Green Hotels Have Competitive Advantage

The U.S. 2009 Lodging Report, published by Ernst & Young, LLP calls green hotels a global "niche trend" within the hotel industry whose growth is fueled by several factors: governments with requirements to build greener, investors, and hotel companies.

The report stated that as as consumers demand hotels become greener, and energy efficiency "becomes the norm," hotels that are able to successfully "integrate environmentally friendly practices across all their business activities" will have the "potential to achieve an even greater competitive advantage.”

Hotels who put “an emphasis on green principles in activities related to both development and operations” will be better able to market their brands, according to Michael Fishbin, national director of Hospitality Services for Ernst & Young.

At present there are not standards for green hotels, but the U.S. Green Building Council and American Hotel and Lodging Association are scheduled to release a certification process for hotel projects late this year.


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